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Africa Welcomes The Harveys With Open Arms

Uncle Steve was away but he was sure to keep fans updated on his whereabouts. As busy as he was trailing the world with his family, it's nice to "pretend" we were on the lavish trips with them.

Rest and relaxation is always a priority on any vacation. However, following a voyage to Africa, education is definitely on the menu. The prime area of that was in Ghana. Dressed in Omega Psi Phi-themed African garb, Unc and his wife, Majorie Harvey, visited the Ghanian people while exploring chilling and dilapidated slave castles. It was an obvious emotional site for Our Fearless Leader, who at one point buckled down and cried. Imagining what slaves went through losing their freedom, families, and dignity triggered a major moment of empathy.

Emotions hit a high, but that didn't leave him mute. Unc was surrounded by natives chanting their love for him. Before whisking off the Cape Coast, he was certain to leave a lasting message of hope and faith with his fellow man.

Don't just take our word fro it. Watch the exclusive, touching footage and make sure to hear what he had to say at the 3:32 below.

Video: Steve Harvey Instagram (@iamsteveharvey)