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Steve Harvey Reveals His Favorite Sandwich

America is know for a lot of things. Beside the trademark all-American apple pie, sandwiches are a staple of traditional U.S.A. culture.

There's no debating we love a great sandwich! From simple options between white or wheat bread to more exotic choices of grilled paninis or ciabatta. But with so much variety in the food world, it's hard to place who's earned bragging rights as #1. Well, YouGov made it easy for us after sharing the results of a survey they carried out with over 1,000 people.

The Steve Harvey Morning Show chimed on on their personal favorites before reigning "King Wich" was announced. Junior says he likes the classic PB&J. Even though Shirley Strawberry agreed peanut butter is tasty, she just can't get down with jelly. She also chose the interest choice of cheese burgers as her favorite sandwich. That choice is debatable but we'll allow it for now.

Nephew Tommy thought he was doing something with his decision on grilled turkey with pepper jack cheese, before Uncle Steve called him "poor." Carla Ferrell announced her's, that I have to agree with: BLT. Unc eventually got to his top choice, which was also the top choice for country, grilled cheese. However, he was sure to mention he prefers Velveeta... or government cheese.

So go ahead and grab your favorite before listening below!

Photos: Getty