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J. Anthony Brown Wants A Wife!

We're not sure what caused this sudden revelation in J. Anthony Brown to look for a wife, but it's about time!

J has never had a problem claiming his bachelorhood. Not even a cancer diagnosis was going to stop this fool from riding the dating pool waves. However, it might be time to get out of the water because he's been feeling pretty empty. Almost as empty as his utensil drawer that only holds one fork and three spoons. Perhaps that's what triggered him to start looking for love.

And can you blame him? Poor J admitted to The Crew that his house just isn't home without the touch of a woman. From the expired bread-soft saltine crackers in his cabinets to his complete lack of toilet paper or wet wipes, Brown's condition is truly sad.

Will you be the supportive lady J desperately needs, unlike the flat pillow that lays on his mix-matched bedsheets? (Bonus points if you've previously worked as a housekeeper, nanny, or maid) Lol

Check out the hilarious requirements he's looking for and see why Uncle Steve suggests he burn all his towels!