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Phylicia Rashad Talks 'David Makes Man' & The Influence of 'Clair Huxtable'


The Steve Harvey Morning Show had the absolute honor of welcoming Phylicia Rashad to the studio. Ms. Rashad has been a gentle force to be reckoned with within the entertainment industry. She's made her mark growing from her novice years at Howard University to Broadway and finally the big screen, while inspiring so many developing artistic minds everywhere.

Careful consideration of roles she takes on and casts that star alongside her is what built the esteemed reputation she's earned throughout her career. Ms. Rashad's sophisticated, refined nature easily catapulted her into a name to be associated with as "the mama bear." Characters like observant watch lady "Gilda" from For Colored Girls and no non-sense tolerating "Mary Anne Creed" of Creed served as perfect theatrical introductions to "Dr. Woods-Trap" in her latest project, David Makes Man.

Phylicia took on the responsibility of portraying a woman who sees the "light of his intellect" in 14-year-old David. Though he faces hard times including the pursuit of better education and helping his drug-recovering mother, Woods-Trap is determined to help him win. Phylicia went on to gush about the rest of the featured stars:

"There is a universe of characters and people in the show, the likes of which you have never seen on television."

We were also all aboard a trip down memory lane as we dissected Phylicia's perception of her iconic "Clair Huxtable" character. While she admitted the influence Clair has left on the culture, "isn't something she thinks about," it's hard not to "inevitable" hear about her impact in everyday people.

Of course, we got a mention about Phylicia and Disney Pixar's first black-led animated feature, Soul. We didn't get too much information on the highly-anticipated breakout film, however the actress shared how excited she is to present it to the world. But we can't forget to mention her 2020 Christmas movie, Jingle Jangle, with Keegan-Michael Key and Forest Whitaker. Did you guys know Forest is a trained opera singer? Take a listen as Ms. Rashad spill the beans below!

David Makes Man premiered Aug.14th, so be sure to tune in every Wednesday on OWN at 10/9c to follow David's journey.