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Man Buys Shoes for Child on $20 Back-To-School Budget

WLTX News 19 shared this aspiring story about a man who saw a problem and went about solving it.

Lito Mason was out minding his business while shopping in his Texas hometown. He was in a discount store in Meridian when he heard a mother and her son discussing their strict back-to-school budget.

Zach was looking to get new shoes, but his mom, Melissa Manguso wanted him to be weary because they only had $20 to spend. Lito explained that he sympathized with the single parent and decided to lend a hand.

"She was working with a budget and I get that, we all get that at this time of the year, back to school. I asked him, 'so what type of shoes do you like?' He said 'I just want something that's comfortable.' I was done! At that point, I said I'm going to get him whatever he wants."

Melissa was understandably in awe of his kindness and shared the story. Watch for yourself below!

Photo: Melissa Manguso Facebook

Video: WLTX News 19 Facebook