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WATCH: Nephew Tommy Guest Stars in 'A Fishing Story'

Nephew Tommy recently went on a fishing trip and the crew was excited to hear all about it.

A Fishing Story with Ronnie Green is a YouTube series dedicated to celebrity guests sharing rare, untold stories they hold dear to their hearts. Fishing thrill seeker Ronnie Green has his own relationship with the sport, as he's been an avid fisherman since he was five-years-old. With a mix of his life-long passion and genuine interest in personal stories, Green concocts a great theme for this show.

Nephew Tommy joined Ronnie on a Southport Raymarine motorboat to dive into some snapper and deep convo. He touched on the fishing bond he shares with son, Jordan, who's always ready to catch some bass with his pops, memories of how well his father raised him, and even his relationship with Uncle Steve.

But of course, Nephew couldn't come through without showing he can catch a mother of a fish with the best of them. Check it out for yourself on World Fishing Network!

Take a listen as the Nephew shares his experience with the crew:

Go Nephew!

Photo & Video: A Fishing Story with Ronnie Green YouTube