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Jackson 5's 'Greatest Hits' To Be Released in Rare Quad Mix Vinyl Editions

Motown/UMe is on a roll with these collection re-releases.

The Jackson 5 is the next group to make a comeback. This time, Greatest Hits will be pushed out in it's rarest forms to date: the original black vinyl and limited edition clear vinyl LP. These versions were only available in Japan during 1975. Fast forward almost 45 years and they're resurrecting for us all to enjoy October 25th.

Yahoo Finance explained, "Because the quad mixes are the stereo folds, the collection's new vinyl LP editions do not require a special decoder or four speakers for listeners to enjoy the music."

Enjoy an entertaining catalogue of nostalgia with "Who's Lovin' You," "I'll Be There," "ABC," and so many more! Check out the full track list below.

Jackson 5:Greatest Hits (Quad Mix)


1. I Want You Back

2. ABC

3. Never Can Say Goodbye

4. Sugar Daddy

5. I'll Be There

6. Maybe Tomorrow


1. The Love You Save

2. Who'sLovin You

3. Mama's Pearl           

4. Goin' Back To Indiana

5. I Found That Girl

Photo: Yahoo Fianance