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73-Year-Old Indian Woman Gives Birth to Twins

In miraculous news, an elderly woman just gave birth to healthy twin girls!

Mangayamma Yaramati is a lucky 73-year-old who got pregnant with her 82-year-old husband, Sitarama Rajarao. The couple sought IVF treatment through a team of doctors who were monitoring Yaramati months before giving birth.

Since their marriage in 1962, having children proved to be a challenge for the couple. Decades were spent seeking both medical and spiritual help to get pregnant. It was especially important because women of the Indian culture pride themselves on having children. Daily Mail reported:

"Yaramati said neighbours in her village in the state of Andhra Pradesh, in eastern India, would 'look at me with accusing eyes.'"

They eventually started the IVF process last year. One egg donor and first round of treatment later, the twins were conceived.

Though they consider themselves the “luckiest couple in the world," many issues come about in the interesting birth. One being whether or not medical professionals should be providing IVF treatment to elderly women. Another is figuring out what should happen to the girls, in terms of care, if anything happens to the parents. Their initial response was, “Whatever should happen will happen. It is all in the hands of God.” Unfortunately, it was a scary realization after Rajarao suffered a stroke a day after their birth on Aug 5th.

As he recovers from the medical emergency, the girls are continuing to thrive. The lead doctor at Ahalya Nursing Home in Guntur, Dr. Sanakkayala Umasankar, explained:

“This is a medical miracle. I don't think she will have any major health issues. She cannot breast-feed the babies. But no worries."

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Photo: Daily Mail