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Joyner Lucas Vows To Give $500 To All Single Mothers All Month

Joyner Lucas wants to make a difference for all the single mothers out there.

The rapper shared a heartfelt story on Instagram about a recent time he was out grocery shopping and saw a struggling mother. When her items were rung up, she realized she didn't have enough money to pay the total. Just as she was ready to put back her items, Joyner stepped in and covered the bill. It was at that moment he knew he wanted to do more.

Knowing there are many fathers who don't pick up their end of responsibilities, the "Broke and Stupid" artist promised to give away $500 for the entire month of September to all single mothers who need help buying food.

He's also encouraging celebrity friends to join in the movement of the #helpsinglemotherschallenge.

Photo: Getty & Joyner Lucas Instagram (@joynerlucas)