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Slutty Vegan Founder Helps Student With College Debt

Khalil Perry faced a scary question many college students face at one point in life: "How am I going to pay for school?" Luckily for him, it only took a "Slutty Vegan" to hear his cry for help.

Being able to graduate was not a guarantee for this Texas native. He told 11 Alive he started off asking around for help with his almost $8,000 college debt to Clark Atlanta University before decideing to make a GoFundMe account.

โ€œI literally just posted it and asked for help. And the right person saw it. Pinky, she hit me up in my DM and she was like, โ€˜Whatโ€™s going on with school?โ€™โ€

Pinky Cole is the founder of popular restaurant, Slutty Vegan, but also a superhero for the Mass Communications junior. As a Clark Atlanta University alum, it was made obvious she had to help her fellow Panther by taking care of his financial balance.

Refreshed with relief, Perry told 11 Alive:

โ€œI could not believe it. I could not believe it. I literally sat there for about two minutes, man, and I thought about everything that Iโ€™ve been through these past couple of weeks. I put my blood sweat and tears into the campaign.โ€

Looks like it was all worth it. See you on the other side of that stage, Khalil! Watch the full story above.

Photo: 11 Alive