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Batman Director Reportedly Looking to Cast Woman of Color for Catwoman

It looks like we're going to keep this melanin magic trend on the big screen, huh?

It's been reported that Matt Reeves, director behind The Batman wants to cast an African-American woman to play Catwoman in his upcoming film, a welcomed refresher since Halle Berry's take in 2004. Twilight's Robert Pattinson has already been brought in as the new age Bruce Wayne. Now, they're just looking for his sexy feline co-star.

Heroic Hollywood reported they already had their eyes on Zoe Kravitz, but her busy schedule may not make it possible. Though she might have to pass on the offer, the outlet went on to say Zoe is the "actual choice/prototype for the Catwoman role."

Luckily, a lot of fans have been trying to make the decision easier for Matt with a few suggestions. A very vocal Kehlani thinks Teyana Taylor would be perfect for the DC Comic character.

In the meantime, tell us what you think before The Batman hits theaters June 25, 2021.

Who do you want to see play this infamous femme fatale? Comment below! 👇🏾

Photo: Maxim/ Warner Bros Pictures