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Patti LaBelle Wants a Husband & Chases Elton John for Her Tupperware!

The New York Post caught up with Patti LaBelle during New York Fashion Week after a Zang Toi show. While the legendary artist was showing support for her longtime friend/designer of 15 years, she also managed to put out a PSA about her love life.

“I don’t want a boyfriend. I want a husband.”

Not wasting any more of her youthful time, the 75-year-old insists it's not too late to find a hubby. In fact, Patti has not had a problem finding a suitor because men are so easily enamored with her.

“I have a wonderful life. My life is so good that a lot of men admire me and they try to look at me like that and I say, ‘Bye Felicia, Bye.’”

Aside from her adventures in the love department, Madame LaBelle shared fond memories of cooking for The Rolling Stones and Richard Pryor. One person she was particularly close with was Elton John before he became the mega-icon he is today. The mama bear consistently provided food after shows in Tupperware containers for the hustling entertainers.

It might not have been a big deal at the moment, but Patti admitted it wasn't until Elton made it big that she became jealous and demanded her food containers back!

“He called me in Philly, because he kept my number. He said, ‘Patti would you like to come to see my show tonight?’ So I said, ‘Yeah, who are you opening for?’ He said, ‘I’m not. I’m Elton John now. I said, ‘You’re a liar.’”
“I was so mad that he made it before I did. So I said, ‘OK punk, where’s my Tupperware?’ I swear to God, that’s all I wanted.”

So what's a better way to make up for lost plastic? Real diamonds, of course! Elton paid his good friend back with interest after collaborating on "Your Song" in 2005. The "Lady Marmalade" songstress recounted him taking off his jewelry after recording and giving her a ring.

"I said, ‘Elton, here’s your jewelry,’ and he said, ‘No that ring is for you for the Tupperware that I’m never gonna give you back because I can’t get it. But you can have that diamond.’ So he gave me a ring and I still have it.”

Man, I need friends like that.

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