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Peace Officer Dresses As Spiderman to Surprise Sick Children

Yuri Williams has made it his mission to bring smiles of healing onto children everywhere. The best way of doing that is by introducing them to everyone's favorite, Spiderman.

Serious illnesses, like cancer, can strip anyone of their positivity. Children, especially, lose a sense of innocence when dealing with such high pressure issues. However, Yuri refuses to allow any child to go another day without a smile. The California native dresses as Spiderman as he webs from hospital to hospital.

He told KFYR the Initiative to take this thoughtful journey began after he lost his mother, Lynda, to cancer.

"I was in a dark place. I had to find something to get me out of it. For some strange reason, I always liked Spiderman and I came up with the idea to visit ill children in the hospital."

With no doubt that she's proud of his work, it's an amazingly fun time for the kids but even more emotional for the masked hero. Yuri admitted every visit makes hims feel closer to his mom.

"I thank God I'm able to wear a mask because the people can't see my tears. It just brings back memories of my mom, but I know that she's looking down on me. I just want to spread the love to everyone else just how she taught me."

Williams is also known for gifting the homeless and visiting veterans. So far, he's covered 48 states and we're sure he has no intention of stopping until all 50 states learn how to "love each other the way we used to."

Photo: KYFR/Yuri Williams Facebook