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Uncle Steve Names His Top 3 Democratic Candidates

The 3rd National Democratic debate kicked off strong in the south as candidates of all angles gathered at the campus of Texas Southern University.

Given the arguments by each of the representatives so far in the road to the White House, Uncle Steve has his mind set on who thinks are the strongest contenders. Kamala Harris, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders (even though he wasn't very enthused about him making the cut) are the primary people he thinks can get 45 out of the office.

"I'm not talking about policy. I'm talking about the reality of who can beat Donald Trump. Because guess what. None of Donald Trump's policies are good for us. None of them. So I'm trying to figure out how you get him out. And these are the only three people who have a chance of getting him out."

A major factor of Unc's drive to get the current leader out is his request of re-peal to discharge pollution into the United State's groundwater. This consequently goes against one of the most groundbreaking environmental movements, the Clean Water Act. In other words, the Leader of the Free World want to allow dumping from oil refineries, chemical companies and plants into our rivers and lakes!

Listen below to see why he doesn't think Cory Booker has a chance of beating Donald Trump and what amazed him about female Trump voters.

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