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Carolina Panthers Gift Surprise for 12-Year-Old Entrepreneur

Jaylin Clyburn of South Carolina is a 12-year-old boy seeking independence. WJZY shared the story behind his pursuit of securing his college finances by cutting the grass around his community. In an attempt to promote his business, he announced his services with a post on Facebook. People were lining up with offers for Jaylin, including the South Carolina State Treasurer with a donation of $250. However a major deal came about from the most unexpected place possible: the Carolina Panthers.

Jaylin's hometown favorite football team heard about his aspirations and intercepted with a helping hand.

“Someone had called my mom from Lowes and told my mom that they wanted me to come cut the [grass at] Bank of America Stadium.”

Clyburn was well-prepared to tend to the hefty job thanks to head coach Ron Rivera, who gifted him an electric lawnmower, headphones to listen to music and a Panthers cooler. Panthers owner, David Tepper, was even excited to meet the young man before giving him the hat off his head, an autographed Cam Newton football, tickets to Thursday night's game and some words of advice.

Jaylin shared:

“He said that keep working hard and keep my mind focused on cutting grass.”

We're excited to see what the future holds for this bright, promising mind!

Photo: Carolina Panthers Twitter