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Klay Thompson & Family Promise Golf Tournament Proceeds to Aid Bahamas

Klay Thompson is the latest soldier to help relieve the Bahamas from Hurricane Dorian's damage.

The second annual celebrity golf tournament thrown by the Golden State Warrior will be donating 100% of its proceeds to help the island. Additionally, his family name-titled foundation promised to match the amount raised at the tournament. The philanthropic athlete shared the news on his Thompson Family Foundation website and expanded on his personal Instagram page.

He details his sympathy towards the suffering families, especially since it's his father's home country. Klay also spoke on the lack of assistance the U.S. government has offered.

"Secondly, shame on our current administration for not welcoming our Bahamian neighbors in their greatest time of need. I’ve been so lucky to visit my family in Nassau since childhood, and in those times I’ve seen countless Americans use the Bahamian islands as their playground for letting loose and vacationing. And now we turn our back on the people who welcomed us with open arms, when they’ve lost everything !? There’s no excuse for this..."

Read his entire message below.

Photo: Getty