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'What's Going On' Reboot Sends a Modern Day Message

Marvin Gaye's "What's Goin On" hit was a classic not only because it was a catchy tune, but because it sent a message of a need for social change throughout the community. Fast forward almost 50 years later and that need for change is still seen today.

Luckily, the creative minds of Motown Records found a way to re-make the 1971 smash into 2019 gold. A refreshed version of the music video debuted Friday (Sept. 13). Modern day social issues were presented in the visuals from mass shootings and police brutality to lack of affordable insurance. Billboard reported Savanah Leaf's, who directed the peace in honor of Motown's 60th anniversary, explanation for featuring Flint's water crisis in the video.

“We wanted a place that resonates with the song and the history of Motown, while also remaining relevant to the sociopolitical issues in the music video. It was very important for us to find real people that resonated with the stories, rather than casting actors.”

Take a look and tell us what you think about the reboot above.

Photo: Billboard/ Gems/Redferns