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Syracuse University Names Scholarship After Kevin Richardson

Kevin Richardson was robbed of his opportunity to pursue a college education from his dream school. However, they've decided to acknowledge him in a great way.

Being wrongfully convicted of rape in 1989 and imprisoned took away any chance Kevin could've gotten to explore his love of music and basketball. Syracuse University was the institution the young teen had his eyes on. After serving over a decade of his life away from exploring his destiny, Syracuse took action in order to honor the criminal justice reform advocate.

Spectrum News 13 picked up the school's invitation to Kevin for a benefit reception in order to present him with a gift. Multicultural Advancement Vice President Rachel Vassel said before announcing the Kevin Richardson Scholarship:

"Our University is doing something really good by giving someone who didn't have the opportunity and who's a fan of our school to be a part of it now, we want to adopt him into our community."

The fund is designed to financially support Black and Latino students attending the university. The 44-year-old emotionally stated:

“Just for people who look like me – people of color – to be helped and have a scholarship connected to my name, to help out individuals to move on further, which I didn’t get a chance to, to actually pay it forward to others – that is the best thing that can happen,” Richardson told the news outlet. “If I’m not around tomorrow, at least my legacy will continue on.”

Click here to watch the ceremony.