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The Fellas Talk Why Black People Don't Swim

It's another day with The Steve Harvey Morning Show and while they're known for playing your favorite tunes, lending helping words of advice is just second nature. This time, you can thank them for giving you great reasons for not getting in the pool.

J. Anthony Brown kept it all the way real when he reflected on how he gets ashy and no one likes to look at white elbows and knees. Junior even tried to use having sickle cell to put off diving in when all he had to do was admit he didn't feel safe without a floaty. Nephew Tommy took the gross route in saying how Depends is not making swimming trunks, so that holds him back. Can you say, "TMI?" But just in case that's a little too embarrassing for you, you can always say you don't want your outbreak of eczema to contaminate the water.

Uncle Steve switched it up when he tried to blame everybody for crowding the pool as to why he couldn't show off his inner Michael Phelps.

There are so many more hilarious excuses and you can catch them all in the podcast below!

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