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Judge Denies Refund to Woman Who Posted R. Kelly's $100,000 Bail

So apparently, in a court of law, you can't get a refund for posted bail after being held without bond. Who knew?

Certainly not Valencia Love.

Valencia is a restauranteur, who described herself in court document as R. Kelly's "friend." She's such a good friend that she posted $100,000 bail for Kelly without knowing he was still being actively investigated. Once more charges were filed against him, a decision was made to hold the disgraced singer in Metropolitan Correctional Center without bond. Now, all of her money is basically tied up and just sitting there.

Love's attorney requested his client get her money back since it was not being used for the intended cause. However, Circuit Judge Lawrence Flood said, "no way."

The new indictment charges were filed in Brooklyn, New York for racketeering conspiracy where he allegedly had his team recruit underage girls for illegal sexual contact. As well as, Chicago, Illinois for allegedly paying off witnesses and victims in his 2008 child pornography case. A tentative trial date has been set for April 27th. 2020.

Photo: Antonio Perez / Chicago Tribune