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Teen Raises Money To Donate Shoes to The Bahamas

Because of Them We Can caught up with a young teen, who's serious about community service.

Lindsey Smith is a 17-year-old Prince George's County, Maryland resident who's doing something about Hurricane Dorian's damage. She decided to raise money in order to get shoes sent to those who've been affected by the storm in the Bahamas.

Her mother, Lynell Smith, said:

“When kids travel, they learn to care about others and [they] become global citizens. After hearing about the Bahamas my daughter wanted to help. She learned there is a big need for shoes after a flood since most people store [their] shoes on the closet floor and they are ruined.”

Lindsey's work as a Girl Scout played a major role cultivating her inner community activist. In the process of receiving her final Girl Scouts Award for International Service to Others, she managed to collect donations from neighbors, church members, family and even a $100 coupon from a retail store. Handing over her own earnings from her summer job was the cherry on top.

Her next step is to hand over the shoes to the Embassy of the Bahamas and hope she's inspired others to be just as proactive.

Photo: BOTWC