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Al Roker Makes Speedy Recovery After Hip Replacement Surgery

Today's health update calls for a 100% chance of getting back to work!

Al Roker underwent a hip replacement surgery due to a mix of osteoarthritis osteoarthritis and genetic factors. Though most people take a full three months to completely heal from such a taxing procedure, Al is clearly made of steel with his speedy recovery rate. The TODAY Show meteorologist went into New York's Hospital for Special Surgery on Thursday (Sept. 12) morning and is already half way home over a week later.

Our favorite weatherman was sure to keep fans abreast on his progress on social media with orthopedic surgeon, Dr. David Mayman, by his side.

Dr. Mayman explained on the TODAY Show:

"Everything went great, it was exactly as expected. People (who undergo hip replacement surgery) get back to everything. It just feels like their normal hip."
"People can golf and play tennis and ski and hike and swim and bike, and can just get back to normal life."

Roker remained light-hearted throughout it all as he joked about worrying if he would still, "be able to wear a speedo." Luckily for him, the doctor diagnosed nothing will stop Roker from bringing sexy back on the beach.

Al is expected to return to our TVs by the end of the month. Let's continue to send him well wishes!

Photo: Al Roker Instagram (@alroker)