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Morris Brown College Receives $500K Grant In Hopes of Staying Open

Though unaccredited, it's important to keep history alive and Morris Brown College is hoping to do just that.

The Atlanta, Georgia HBCU recently received $500,000 in grant money according to CBS 46. It's one of only two recipients in the southern state to benefit from African American Civil Rights grants announced previously by The National Park Service.

Fountain (Stone) Hall holds a significant place in the school's history. It was declared a national landmark as it's the oldest serving building on the campus. Interim President of Morris Brown, Dr. Kevin James, expressed appreciation for the generous donation that will fund the Fountain (Stone) Hall Restoration Project.

โ€œWe are thrilled and tremendously grateful to be awarded this prestigious grant. Restoring Fountain Hall heralds a significant development in our progress to bring this esteemed institution back to its place of prominence.โ€

The money also gives hope in being eligible to reclaiming themselves as a credited facility again by October 2020.

Congratulations, Morris Brown!

Photo: The Shaderoom