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Uncle Steve Explains Justin Trudeau's Choice of Blackface Costumes

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently apologized after being caught in black and brown face.

The country's leader was seen in old photos posed in brown face at an Arabian Nights party back in 2001. Time Magazine followed with a picture of him in black face during his teaching days. Not long after, a video came out of Trudeau wearing an afro wig singing Harry Belafonte's "Day-O."

Reporters in Winnipeg recorded his exclusive apology to "racialized Canadians who face discrimination every single day." He explained there was no excuse for darkening his face whether it was in jest or not and described his actions as "unacceptable because of the racist history of black face."

Some people may be up in arms about the controversial discovery, but Uncle Steve isn't too phased. He even explained why Prime Minister Trudeau might not be sure if any more pictures will resurface because it must've been one of his favorite outfits.

"I wore it one time when I went to a banquet. I wore that. And then, I wore night at a buffet. It was fried chicken night. I thought that would be more inappropriate...I wore it to show-and-tell on 4th of July one year. I wanted everybody to be free except me."

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