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WATCH: Strawberry Letter - "Stuck In An Open Relationship"


This Strawberry Letter writer feels trapped in an interesting and complicated situation. She met a guy who she vibed with so much that she ended up unexpectedly falling for him. The only problem is: he already has a girlfriend. Not only that, but Girl #1 has no problem with him dating our writer because she has ANOTHER dude she's been seeing. Within time, the ladies meet and become very close friends. Now, our writer is in a painful spot of being in love with a man who loves both her and Girl #1. The most conflicting part is, she's not if he actually "sees a future with her," or if he's just trying to have his cake and eat it too.

Whew! Sounds messy. But not too messy for Shirley Strawberry and Uncle Steve to weigh in on with their advice. Check out what they said below.