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Which One-Hit Wonder Do You Play Back-to-Back?

Happy National One-Hit Wonder Day!

Have you ever heard a great song by a new artist and no matter where you went you'd hear the tune non-stop? Then, out of nowhere, the artist disappears never to be heard from again? Those, my friends, are one-hit wonders.

The industry is full of them! No matter how great a track is it never guarantees ultimate success. Just a quick five minutes of fame and it's back to the regular scheduled music from your every day artists. Well, even though artists said "R.I.P." to their careers a long time ago, we're taking the time to appreciate them. It won't resurrect Lady Rage or Nivea, but at least we can jam out to some throwbacks.

Here's our list of some of our favorite one-hit wonders to date!

Photo: Getty