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Issa Rae Tries Her Hand in Tech

Issa Rae has taken on many ventures, but this one in tech is the start of a new era.

The Insecure creator recently took minority stakes in Streamlytics by joining founder Angela Benton in her trek to help entrepreneurs, according to Variety. The company is described as "an L.A.-based startup led...which is aiming to democratize access to streaming media data — with a specific focus on providing data that better reflects the usage of people of color." Since its 2018 birth, Streamlytics has reportedly raised over $47 million in funds for business owners.

Issa explained in a statement that companies like this are "necessary for transparency and consumer ownership” as streaming services grow in consumption. She was also excited to get into business with a woman like Angela.

"Angela’s drive and innovative spirit is the reason why she is a pioneer in the tech space and why I’m excited to partner with her in this endeavor.”

Benton shares the same sentiments.

“Having Issa involved as an owner is beyond exciting. Her pioneering work as both a creator and as a businesswoman creating digital-first content that has transcended the internet-only medium aligns seamlessly with our company’s core values on ownership.”

Proud of these two! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Photo: Getty