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Amber Guyger Officially Receives 10 Years In Prison

A Houston jury has officially sentenced former police officer, Amber Guyger to her fate.

The woman who was entrusted to enforce the law found herself on the other side of the justice system after shooting and killing unarmed Botham Jean in his own home as he ate ice cream. The 10-year sentence she received didn't suffice for the state's requested 28 years. However, regardless of how the public felt, Botham's family did not allow the loss of their loved one to damage their spirits.

His brother, Brandt, stunned everyone during his victim impact statement when he admitted he forgave Amber, hoped she'd "go to God" and even hugged her. It touched everyone, especially Uncle Steve who commended Brandt for choosing not to make "hate a part of the rest of his life."

Listen to how everyone feels about how he handled the situation and make sure to catch Unc's closing remarks below! Also, watch the heartwarming moment above.

Photo: Tom Fox / Dallas Morning News Staff Photographer