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WATCH: Leslie Odom Jr. Answers Your Ask Anything Chat Questions

You've got questions and Leslie Odom Jr.'s got answers!

This week's Ask Anything Chat has arrived. Let's see if Leslie felt "Under Pressure" with what you guys wanted to know.

Well, we officially know we can look forward to all original new music to hit us November 8th! We also found out being part of a highly-acclaimed award-winning project doesn't guarantee an invitation to the big award shows. It's not a bother to Leslie, though, since he describes himself as an introvert who'd rather watch from home.

Of course the infamous Family Feud question came about where he admitted he'd easily choose his hilarious sister, brilliant sister-in-law and his mother even though her answers would be wrong (it would make for "great TV").

Find out why these recently past moments post-Hamilton have been his favorite times in his career, where he finds his motivation and what ways his family has influenced his music in the video above.

Also, get your musical itch scratched with Leslie's single, "Under Pressure"!