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5th Graders Ban Together to Deliver Dream Honeymoon to Civil Rights Couple

Reverend Gilbert and Grace Caldwell promising new life of marriage 60 years ago started off with some harsh realities.

In 1957, the couple faced the tragedies behind the injustices of racism. What should've been remembered as a beautiful day ended up being one of inequality that would follow them for years. After exchanging "I dos" in a North Carolina church, the Caldwell's drove eight hours to the Mount Airy Resort in Poconos, Pennsylvania for their honeymoon. Much to their dismay, their honeymoon wouldn't continue because they got denied entry for being black.

That reason started their work in righting for civil rights alongside Martin Luther King Jr. This involved visiting Bear Tavern Elementary in January 2018 to share their story with the fifth graders. Disgusted by the injustice they faced, they took it upon themselves to right a wrong that was committed so many decades ago.

It took months, but the Caldwells found themselves having the honeymoon they dreamt of at the same hotel months later thanks to a variety of letter written by the students. It was an all-expenses paid fantasy-come-true!

Enjoy the full story courtesy of CBS News above.

Photo: CBS News