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Sheriff's Deputy Delivers Baby of Speeding Parents

Florida Sheriff's Deputy Robert Pounds delivered something unexpected to some speeders and it wasn't a ticket.

Wilfrid Jean-Louis and Fabienne Gorges were in a hurry to get to the hospital as his wife was in the midst of labor. Pounds pulled the couple over and was immediately introduced to an out of the ordinary situation. Wilfrid explained in a Facebook video that he told the officer:

“Officer, you have the right to stop me, I’m not even gonna lie. We have a baby coming out, look, look, look. That’s the reason why I’m speeding, officer. I don’t know what to do.”

Lucky for him, though it was a new challenge, the law enforcer didn't hesitate to step in. He grabbed blankets and handled business until EMS arrived. He told Naples Daily News:

“My training kicked in and I just wanted to help mom and the baby.”

Eventually, a healthy baby girl was born in Pounds' arms who was honored with the newborn being named after him: Leila Robert Jean-Louis. Wilfrid admitted it was an easy decision because, "He was there, and he did what I wasn't able to do."

Watch the amazing baby delivery from the dash cam video below!

Photo: Facebook