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Man Sues Former Friend for Allegedly Ruining His Marriage

A North Carolina man's marriage is ruined after finding out his wife was cheating on him. So what better way to get justice, than to take her sidepiece to court.

Kevin Howard described his marriage to his wife as "unbearable." So when she approached him about separating after 12 years of marriage, it may have not come as a surprise. However, what did send him reeling was the secret reason why she was able to move on so quickly: She was having an affair. Not only was she stepping out, but it was with a friend! Kevin admitted to CNN:

"He was a colleague of hers from work. He ate dinner with us several times, we spent time together ... I thought this was a friend."

Shock didn't shake the "sanctity of marriage" Howard holds close to his heart, however. With the belief that people should, "see what the consequences of breaking the vow to whatever religion you subscribe to," he wasted no time taking the "mister" to court.

An alienation of affections claims persuaded a judge to award Kevin a judgment of $750,000.

Guess that's one way to get justice.

Listen to what the crew thinks about this unusual law.

Photo: CNN