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Neurosurgeon Takes Pay Cut To Practice Free Operations

Dr. Olawale Sulaiman is an extraordinary medical professional who has made a huge sacrifice to help his people.

Growing up in poverty played a huge role in Dr. Sulaiman's generosity. Becoming a neurosurgeon basically guaranteed a life that he would not have to go back to. However, providing a better life for others in his Nigeria home country trumped all of that.

He told CNN about his travels away from his work at the Ochsner Neuroscience Institute in New Orleans to Africa in order to offer free medical care.

"I would use my vacation times for the medical missions, which were also planned with education and training sessions. We donated a lot of medications, equipment and hands-on training on surgical techniques."

Not only did he sacrifice personal free time, but also accepted a 25% pay cut in order to take longer holidays to do more work.

Olawale created healthcare development company providing medical services and health courses in Nigeria and the US, RNZ Global. The company has helped over 5,000 people since its establishment in 2010. No matter what's been given up to help those who are less fortunate, the doc wouldn't change a thing.

"I believe that happiness doesn't come from what you get, rather, it comes from what you give. There is always room to give; you don't need to be a millionaire to give."

Photo: CNN