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'Junior Detectives' Help Police Find Missing Woman

A group of kids turned into mystery solving heroes in Roseville, California. All they're missing is Scooby-Doo.

The junior detectives lent a massive helping hand in finding Glenneta Belford, 97, after city police asked for assistance on Facebook. Many people called in with tips, but the minors led them to success.

"All of us saw this lady walking around and were were like, 'Guys, that's her. That has to be her,'" said 10-year-old Logan Hultman to KCRA. He, and his group including 10-year-old Makenna Rogers shocked the police department by solving the mystery. Rogers retold:

"People started surrounding and the cops came. We were the first ones that found her."

"Our dispatchers were a little surprised to hear a 10-year-old on the other line telling us they had found this missing person," said Roseville police Officer Rob Baquera.

Not only were they able to locate the unharmed elderly woman, they also uncovered a possible unexpected career path. Logan shared, "I had no idea what my future would be until now: a detective."

Photo: Rosewood Police Department