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Junior Expresses Some Hard, Hilarious Truths on 'Truth Be Told'

The Steve Harvey Morning Show prides itself on two things: Making you laugh and telling the truth. So "Truth Be Told" is the best segment where the fam can come together and deliver both!

There are a lot of things that we don't talk about in society that may be too sensitive or uncomfortable to mention in front of others. But, truth be told, somebody's got to say it! And as your besties, wouldn't you want to hear the real from the ones you trust the most?

A perfect example of that is Junior sharing that he's not a fan of "Testimony Time" in black churches. Getting screeners to filter out the testimony-worthy announcements would save a lot of time and boredom. Especially if there's no WiFi available. But if all else fails, he has no problem taking matters into his own hands.

He's also sick of people not sticking to traditional Halloween costumes and showing up at his door with a hood-version. So if you're walking around with $26 in your hand and call yourself a food stamp, just skip Junior's house.

Listen below to see how Junior will handle anyone who's stopping him from catch his Sunday football and what costumes are deemed acceptable for Spooky Season.