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You Have to Have These to Make a Horror Movie

Happy Spooky Season!

You know Halloween is nothing without a good ol' horror movie. Anything that makes you jump, scream and anxious is the perfect description of what a great flick consists of. But just in case you're not the biggest horror connoisseur, The Steve Harvey Morning Show is going to educate you on everything you need for the perfect scary movie.

J. Anthony Brown started things off with some stuff we already knew, like if you're a black guy, you're bound to die first. Nephew Tommy hit a nerve when he said there's always someone who wants to walk in the woods just to look for a mysterious sound. A personal frustrating example Uncle Steve mentioned was that ONE PERSON who opens the door when everyone in the audience is tell them not to! And we can't forget the white family who chooses to continue to live in the haunted house. But let's be real, Junior already knows what time it is when the lights go out and someone volunteers to go find the breaker box.

We can go on and on, but make sure to listen below for more horror movie essentials and let us know what are somethings you look for!

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