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Uncle Steve Offers Some Pool Rules for Black People

In case you fall into the category of not knowing how to act at the pool, Uncle Steve's got you covered.

The Steve Harvey Morning Show's adventure at Sand & Soul in Cancun inspired Unc to give some advice for pool goers. Specifically the melanin folks who aren't too exposed to water activities, if you know what I mean. Our Fearless Leader shared some simple rules to follow so your pool experience is enjoyable for you...and not uncomfortable for others.

You can thank him for shedding light on the importance of carrying lotion with you, since some "demographics" might mistake ashy skin for eczema. Also, make sure you're being a good friend to your girlfriends and don't let them think it's okay to rock a bikini if they have a one-piece body. And let's not forget the important of making sure to use the bathroom BEFORE relying on the pool's chlorine.

If you thought these were helpful, make sure you check out more in the podcast below!

Photo: Getty