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Cheerleader Saves Choking Child During Homecoming Parade

This Texas cheerleader took matters into her own hands and saved a life!

Tyra Winters jumping out of a formation to help a child was well-worth it. Especially since his mother didn't know what to do to relieve her choking son after a failed Heimlich maneuver wasn't executed properly.

β€œI was sitting right next to him. I just happened to look over. There was no noise, no coughing, no breathing.”

Tyra was riding the parade float when she noticed Nicole Hornback calling out for help. She could tell in the crowd from the toddler's purple face that something was terribly wrong and immediately went out to do what she could.

β€œHe was turning purple, so I immediately jumped off the float, I ran down to the kiddo, and I was like, β€˜I got him’ and I grabbed him from the mom. I grabbed him and tilted him and I gave a good three back thrusts and he ended up spitting up.”

The Rockwell High Senior got kudos for helping the ailing child and "being a teenager and being trained.” Watch the full CBS story above.

Photo: CBS