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How Are You Embracing National Bald Day?!

There are only a few dark days that are a part of a man's life: losing a loved one, favorite teams not making the playoffs, and the start of a receding hairline.

No man ever likes to admit when they're going bald. Between a crush saying, "You're like a brother to me," and suggesting they're better off as friends, almost nothing else comes closer as a bigger ego bruiser. Luckily for those in denial fighting to hold on to what little hair they can brush forward from the back, we're living in days where a bald head can be fully embraced!

A recent study has shared that women find bald men more sexy. Of course, this doesn't come as a surprise to Uncle Steve who's claimed his sexy from the day he decided to take the first step into his hairless journey.

Find out how Unc took on this major transition below.