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Junior Dips His Toe In a More Seasoned Pond

Junior's been trying his hand in a more "seasoned" group of women during his Sand and Soul experience. And let's just say, his dating life has definitely advanced.

The comedian shared that the women of what Uncle Steve called, "Sand and Old," have been flocking to him non-stop. He's made sure to get some romantic time with a 59-year-old, 68-year-old, and even a bad 72-year-old. Candle light dinners and intimate bonding time did not prepare the 41-year-old for the spell these ladies would have on him. Some may call it "charisma" or "charm." Unc just calls is flat out "woo-jo," after they "put that thang on you."

Listen to the full lowdown below and how the all-inclusive aspect of the vacation helped Junior get his swerve on!