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Post Office Worker Finds Two Missing Girls In Two Weeks

Chyanne Thomas went from Post Office worker to local hero of her California town.

Two young girls went missing in San Diego County, but were involved in unrelated cases. Abby was a 15-year-old autistic teen who was reported missing on April 18th. By April 20th, police got a call from Thomas saying she found Abby during her delivery shift.

Fresh off the missing person case, Thomas wondered upon a 3-year-old girl who was alone and couldn't even speak English. Another call was made to 911 before the child was eventually reunited with her mother.

Chyanne explained to Fox 5 San Diego:

"I had training in behavioral health and working with children on the spectrum. It helped me to know what to do in the situation."

Detective Thomas' actions were awarded with a plaque and pin by the National Association of Letter Carriers. Of course, though her job has a specific set of responsibilities, Chyanne isn't limiting herself to when it comes on to helping her community.

"I love my job at the post office. If a child was in need, I would step in to help again."

Photo: Fox 5