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‘SHMS’ Welcomes Benjamin Crump & His New Book ‘Open Season’

Attorney Benjamin Crump, an award-winning activist, who has represented monumental trials for Trayvon Martin, Stephon Clark and Michael Brown is carrying out his fight for justice from the streets to the pages. His book, Open Season: Legalized Genocide of Colored People, sheds light on the terrifying reality that killing and imprisoning black people has become normalized in our society. The primary base for this justification comes from our very own justice system that upholds the “Stand Your Ground” Act, a biased law that has reaped nightmares on families everywhere.


His new book highlights the hypocrisy minority children face as their counterpart, white citizens, commonly get better treatment in the courts, the responsibilities we as community members face in bringing about a change in awareness and we can’t forget the importance of voting to control the politics that play such a massive role in this judicial game.

Catch up on all that and more in the podcast below!

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