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WATCH: Gallant Answers Your Ask Anything Chat Questions

Gallant started off his Ask Anything Chat reply video sanging!

The 27-year-old “Sleep On It” singer is back with answers to your iHeartRadio Ask Anything Chat questions, so hopefully you didn’t sleep on the opportunity to submit yours. Some inquiries were…different, to say the least. Like, asking Gallant if he was a farmer, what would he grow? He honestly admitted he’d jump at the chance to grow marijuana. Or even finding out his favorite Halloween candy.

Music fans can officially look forward to a listening session of his album, Sweet Insomnia, in New York. Keep your fingers crossed for more before its October 25th release date. They even got to hear the interesting story of how “Sleep On It” came together. For some reason, watching “Ducktales” gave him slow jam, 90s vibes and he couldn’t get the melody out of his head.

There’s a whole lot more to catch up on. Find out a couple of the biggest celebrities he’s met, which singer brought him in just to listen to her album, and see who he’d pick to be his celebrity star on Dancing With the Stars in the video above!