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Carla Ferrell & Junior Celebrate Homecoming Weekend At Prairie View A&M

Over the weekend, our very own Carla Ferrell and favorite play cousin, Junior attended homecoming at Prairie View A&M University.

Now, if you know any thing about an HBCU homecoming, then you know it's something you should definitely experience in your lifetime.

According to Carla:

"It's a family reunion. It's a block party. It's a festival. It's a [celebration of] who we are, our heritage, our culture. It's all of that."

Yep, all of that and more. Just as Junior! He couldn't get over the fact that the 'Que Nation' accepted him with open arms and made sure he was taken care of the entire weekend simply because he knew Unc.

He said:

" soon as I stepped over into the β€˜Que Nation’ soon as they saw me, they said, 'That damn Junior here. Hey, you have no more to worry about."

And just like that, Junior "ate and drank for free, all weekend long."

As for Carla, she sure had a ball catching up with some of her college girlfriends.

Take a listen to what the two of them had to say about their fun-filled weekend homecoming weekend at the 1:45 mark below!