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Officer Resigns After Throwing Girl To The Ground For Taking Too Much Milk

A New Mexico police officer resigned after body camera footage was released showing him slamming an 11-year-old girl to the ground during a violent arrest at Mesa View Middle School. Farmington Police Officer Zachary Christensen was called after the student got into an altercation with the school's principal because she supposedly took too much milk from the cafeteria.

When Christensen arrived, he witnessed the young girl brushing past the principal and accused her of assaulting him.

"You can't push him out of the way," Christensen tells her. "Okay, I've had enough of this."

The body camera footage shows Christensen pulling her backpack off her shoulder and slamming her up against the wall. 

He then wrestled the girl to the ground while she complained that he was hurting her.

The girl reportedly has a history of behavioral problems at the school. She was not arrested and her mother picked her up from school. She received a concussion and is suffering from arm and shoulder pain following the incident. 

Christensen was placed on administrative leave following the incident, and the case was sent to the New Mexico State Police, who will determine if he will face criminal charges for his actions.