Ellen DeGeneres Channels Cardi B for 'Cardi E' Halloween Costume

Ellen DeGeneres is no stranger to sexy Halloween costumes. In the past, she's dressed up as the Kardashians and Nicki Minaj, but this year, she tapped into her inner Cardi B for this year's costume: "Cardi E."

Coming out to greet her audience, Ellen was dressed in a risqué black leather and fringe outfit inspired by Cardi B's character Diamond in this year's Hustlers movie. She explained, "My costume, this year, is a tribute to Cardi B's character in the movie Hustlers. I can't be Cardi B — I'm Cardi E. E is for Ellen, it's also my bra size. This outfit has a whole lot going on from every angle."

She continued, "It was actually a lot to get me dressed like this. There's wardrobe, there's hair and makeup, and a special thanks to the people at Goodyear for inflating me."

Later on, while revealing she had been practicing her "okurrrs" backstage, the actual Cardi B appeared to "okurrr" along with her.

Since Cardi E is inspired by Diamond, DeGeneres decided to show off her twerking skills for the rapper, who gave some pointers herself. Showing Ellen her movies, she explained, "That'll get you a couple of bucks right there. I'll give you twenty dollars, I would buy a lap dance from you."

On Instagram, Cardi B showed a sneak peek of her interview with Ellen Cardi E, writing, "Cardi B meets Cardi E @theellenshowToday on Ellen!"

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