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Kroger Donates Building to Competing Grocery Store

If you can't buy groceries from Kroger, they at least want you to have another option. Even if it's a competitor.

A potential boycott almost ensued after the major supermarket brand closed their Orange Mound location in Memphis, Tennessee. Citizens of Orange found the inconvenience of traveling 30 minutes to the next closest store strenuous and frustrating. That's when a threat was made to re-open the former or face the consequences.

The problem with that, was Kroger didn't have the means to re-establish the store. They even tried to sell it to a competing supermarket called, Superlo. However, Superlo committed itself to a freshly opened location in the city and simply couldn't afford to spread themselves so thin with a second.

Well, all worry was settled when Kroger literally handed over the $500,000 building over to them. The risky business move was surprising and, of course, welcomed by Superlo and the community.

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Photo: Shay Arthur Twitter (@ShayA_WREG3)