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WATCH: Charlie Wilson Calls Bruno Mars "The Baddest" Musician In The World

Charlie Wilson is here with answers to your iHeartRadio Ask Anything Chat questions.

Find out why the 66-year-old legend feels Bruno Mars is "the baddest" musician in the world, what inspires him to write music, his thoughts on being honored by BET in 2013, how he practices self-care after battling addiction and so much more!

While "Charlie, last name Wilson" has faced many setbacks in his life, it's great to hear him say the one piece of advice that he would give his fans is to "never give up." Now, I hate to "drop the bomb on you," but If Charlie gave up, we wouldn't have some of the greatest hits we know of today!

Speaking of major hits, check out Charlie's latest song, "Forever Valentine" produced by Bruno Mars, The Stereotypes and D'Mile.

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