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'It's OK To Be Black,' Just Ask Jac Ross!

In honor of Black History Month, we have the esteem pleasure of welcoming Jac Ross in our iHeartRadio Ask Anything Chat on Friday, February 28th to discuss his latest single, "It's OK To Be Black." Head over to 👉🏾 and submit your questions TODAY!

Hailing from the Sunshine State, Jac's "soul quenching" vocals tell stories of struggle and success. At a time where so much change is needed, the budding artist reveals in a recent interview with that 'It's OK To Be Black' is an open letter to my daughter. It's a celebration of perseverance and success. It's my remedy to people to be comfortable in your skin."

Take a look at the video above that sheds light on prejudice, yet reminds us that "[we're] beautiful inside" and encourages us to "rise up" because "[we] can fly."

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