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WATCH: Skip Marley Admits He Had To 'Slow Down' To Meet H.E.R.

Last week we told you that Skip Marley was joining us in our exclusive iHeartRadio Ask Anything Chat with answers to your questions and now he's here!

With his hit single, "Slow Down" featuring H.E.R. blazing the airwaves, the Kingston-born, Miami-raised singer-songwriter decided to slow down even more to answer some of your burning questions!

Take a look at the video above to find out how Skip met H.E.R., what he's doing to keep his spirits up during this quarantine, what's his favorite song to perform and much more.

In case you haven't already, take a minute to slow down and check out his hit single below. See how this 23-year-old artist uses R&B Reggae to engage you in the beauty of "budding love."

Now who's ready to 'slow down!?' 😍

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